Angry Birds Plush Birds

Angry Birds Plush Birds

Unless you’ve been locked in a closet somewhere for the past year, you’ve no doubt heard of the popular game Angry Birds which has taken the world of electronic games by storm. In fact, the application has been downloaded over 100 million times, making it the most popular app in the world. As with any newfangled trend, this game has inspired a ton of accessories, toys, and games based on the original product. One such offshoot is the Angry Birds Plush toy designed for kids ages 3 to 100. Although neither parents nor children can deny the appeal of this soft (if somewhat sinister-looking) stuffed toy that comes complete with signature Angry Bird sounds, some have questioned its durability and lasting power, leaving the overall evaluation of this product up in the air so to speak.

Angry Birds Plush Birds Features

Real Angry Bird Sounds

The sounds that these little guys make are identical to the ones featured on the original Angry Birds application, making it a great gift or collector’s item for a serious fan of the game. With just a squeeze, you can experience hilarious and authentic sounds from the app that are sure to make you smile and provoke a laugh or two from those around you as well. The only downside to this is that more than a few users have reported that the sound doesn’t last all that long, and when it goes dead, that can be a real bummer.

Affordable Price

At less than $15 a piece ($10 for the smaller version), the Angry Birds plush toys are affordable enough that you can collect the entire series without emptying your bank account.  Although there have been durability and longevity concerns, if you consider that this toy is very reasonably priced in comparison to many similar toys on the market today (especially officially licensed ones such as these), you might consider the fact that you can probably afford a replacement if your bird experiences an untimely death.

Collection Possibilities

Since there’s an Angry Bird plush toy for each of its virtual counterparts, collectors are bound to love these stuffed replicas of the Angry Birds characters. Although the collection possibilities aren’t exactly endless, they definitely exist!

Angry Birds Plush Birds Downsides

Limited Sound-life.

As mentioned previously, quite a few users have been disappointed to find that their Angry Bird plush toy ceases to make characteristic angry sounds much sooner than expected. One user speculated that this has to do with a poor manufacturing design that causes the contact spring to malfunction when you press the toy too hard.

Mixed Up Sounds

Another common complaint regarding the sounds emanating from the Angry Bird plush series is that they’re often coming from the wrong bird. That is, the sounds that the red bird makes on the original Angry Bird app have been assigned to the blue bird, and the red bird apparently only makes laughing sounds which is not an accurate reflection of his character on the app. If you are an avid Angry Birds fan, then you might actually care about these things and be turned off by the inauthentic quality of the sounds. If, on the other hand, you simply think the toy is oddly cute if a bit cynical looking, then it should be no matter.

What Others Are Saying

The large majority of reviews for this product have been quite favorable. The only negatives cited an unexpected early demise of the bird’s squawking power, sounds that didn’t match the sounds on the game, or sticker shock from parents who still think they can get a stuffed animal that makes any kind of sound at all for less than ten bucks. Other than those minor complaints, customers who bought one or more of the Angry Birds plush series have lots of nice things to say, mostly about how cute and soft the toys are and how much they resemble the cartoon figures on the world-renowned Angry Birds app. See for yourself:

The Good

  • Very nice plush toy
  • Great for an Angry Birds fan
  • AWESOME!!!
  • Love the product and so do my kids
  • Lots of fun
  • Exactly what I expected

The Bad

  • Sound broke on day one
  • Difficult to make it sound
  • Overpriced angry bird- don’t waste your money

The reviews raving about how hilarious and strangely adorable these little guys are far outweigh the negatives; however, the durability factor is something to be considered. If you think about it, there is a bit of a catch 22 here—the toy seems to break if you press the sound button too hard which would imply that it might be better suited for children who don’t have quite as much squeezing power. Conversely, children tend to be the ones who are more likely to continue pressing the sound button over and over again a thousand or so times an hour which no doubt has an effect on the toy’s life expectancy. And then there’s the case of the mixed up voice boxes in some of these birds which has yet to be solved. Therefore, if you’re considering buying the toy for its sound quality, then you may want to reconsider. If you’re just going to put it on a shelf as a collector’s item, then it may be worth your cash.

The Bottom Line

The bottom line is if you like the app Angry Birds and you like stuffed animals, then you’re going to like the Angry Birds plush toy series. If you take issue with either one of these things, well then, there’s no guarantee. While an avid Angry Birds fan may still love the toy even after it croaks, a child may not be so forgiving. Keep these things in mind when deciding whether or not the toy is right for you or your gift recipient. All things considered, it’s a cute toy (in a “so ugly it’s cute kind of way”) that will appeal to the masses of Angry Bird fans out there and maybe a few unsuspecting kids as well.

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