Vtech Kidizoom Cameras

Vtech Kidizoom Cameras

Recommended for ages three to eight, these VTech Kidizoom Cameras will turn your little one into a budding photographer in no time. Since the camera features a built-in camera as well, the fun doesn’t stop there; if your youngster wants to direct his or her very own film, the capabilities are right at his or her fingertips. The camera can also turn into a fun machine instantly as your child plays one of the three games built right into the camera.


Grown-Up Capabilities With Kid-Friendly Features

One of the great things about the VTech Kidizoom camera is that it acts like a “real” grown up camera but with lots of features that make it even more fun for kids. Not only can the 2 megapixel camera  with a 256 MB memory hold up to a thousand different pictures, but those pictures can also be altered with fun features like stickers, borders, and special effects.
VTech KidiZoom Camera


Parents who bought this camera to protect their own personal camera from being demolished are raving about its durability. Apparently, the camera can withstand a stampede of elephants and still keep snapping surprisingly good-lucking pictures. Ok, maybe that’s a slight exaggeration, but the durability is definitely one of the major upsides to this camera. VTech definitely kept its target audience in mind when it created this camera to be virtually indestructible.

Ease of Use

Unlike a lot of electronic toys (for kids and adults alike), this camera is so easy to use that your little one will likely be able to figure it out without your help. After all, they are often more techno-savvy than we are! Parents have reported that even toddlers can play with this independently for extended amounts of time without needing help constantly. A great perk for the youngsters and parents alike!


Poor Picture Quality?

Many parents have purchased this camera thinking that the pictures it takes will be comparable in quality to the ones produced by their own (much more expensive) digital camera. These consumers have been disappointed to find that the resolution of the pictures is poor in comparison to the pictures they take with their digital cameras. Whether or not you will find the picture quality to be “poor” depends entirely upon your expectations. If you go into this purchase realizing that you’re purchasing a toy, not a professional-grade camera, then you’ll likely be satisfied with the purchase. And as far as the kiddos go, they usually don’t care too much about the picture quality as long as they can recognize the object or person they’ve photographed, which they will have no problem doing with this camera.

Difficult to Transport Pictures

Some parents have reported that the process of transferring the digital pictures their youngster snaps is not as easy as simply connecting the camera to the computer as they assumed it would be. Apparently, there is some formatting that needs to be done in order to complete the digital transfer. Fortunately, most kids aren’t interested in doing this anyway. They seem to be satisfied by seeing their photos on the camera screen and then manipulating them using all the fun and creative features the camera allows.

What Others Are Saying

Lots of customers are weighing in on this camera, and the overwhelming response is positive. Most of the good reviews related to how much the kids love playing with the camera as well as how durable it is whereas the few negative comments centered on the low picture resolution.

The Bottom Line

If you want a nice toy camera for your kid, then this is the one to get, but “toy” is the key word. The VTech Kidizoom camera will do some impressive things for a kiddy camera, but it will not compete with the latest in digital advancements for grown-ups. Keep in mind when you’re purchasing it that you’re buying it for a kid who will care a whole lot less about the picture quality and a whole lot more about the funny mustaches and bizarre effects the editing features on the camera allow. As long as your expectations aren’t ridiculously high, then you’ll probably be satisfied with the purchase, and your kid is almost guaranteed to be delighted.

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