Remote Control Inflatable Flying Fish From Air Swimmer

February 19, 2012

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Remote Control Inflatable Flying Fish From Air Swimmer

The Flying Fish were created by the William Mark Cooperation, which was established by Mark Forti and his father William. Forti invented a similar inflatable to the Flying Fish that flew in the air for a marketing project while in college. Not even the physics professors at Mark’s college, Baylor University, could determine how the inflatable was capable of flight. That is when Mark knew he had something spectacular in his hands. He and his father filed for a patent, and started the William Mark Cooperation, and as a result, we now have the Remote Control Inflatable Flying Fish!

In 2011 two of the most unique toys to hit the stores in a long time arrived with the creation of the Remote Control Inflatable Flying Fish from Air Swimmer. The Flying Fish are featured in two distinct designs, one of a silver Shark and the other a Clown Fish reminiscent of the beloved character Nemo. You are able to sail these fish through the air just like you are flying a toy plane or helicopter, except with the fish it appears that they are swimming through the air. These enormous inflatable flying fish are a crowd pleaser!

These two children’s toys are made to fly in the air similar to a hot air balloon, except these are controlled by a remote control. Instead of string or cord that limits mobility, the remote control uses infrared technology to maneuver the Flying Fishes. Thanks to the balloon style of this toy you are able to hit walls and ceilings without worrying about breaking the Shark or Clown fish or anything else in the room.

By keeping the toy indoors, you have complete control over the wind and currents that can carry the flying fish to unknown heights. The perfect place to let your flying fish fly is in an auditorium, a gym, or a house that has high ceilings. Just remember to turn the ceiling fans off before you send your fish into space!

Both the Flying Shark and the Flying Clown Fish fly using nothing more than their tail fins, in a similar manner to their real life swimming behaviors. On your end, you use the infrared remote control to steer the flying fish by making it flap the tail fin more in one direction or the other. Another button allows you to control the fish by causing it to sail upward or dive down by tipping the nose of the shark or clown fish. After a little practice, you will have your Inflatable Flying Fish up and swimming through the air.

The Flying Fish toys are made from durable nylon. They inflate using helium available for purchase at most any store that fills up helium balloons. Alternatively, you can purchase an entire tank of helium so you will always have it on hand to charge your flying fish for play anytime you like. Just make sure not to overfill your flying fish as they can burst with too much pressure. As you begin construction of the flying fish, you can go online and visit the AirSwimmer’ website and watch one of the free step-by-step instructional videos available to assist you in your assembly.

Air Swimmer Remote Control Inflatable Flying Shark

by William Mark

The Inflatable Flying Shark
is a giant model of a Great White. It is artistically representative of the actual shark with its steel blue body and white underbelly, salmon colored gums, and razor sharp teeth. There is a dorsal fin along the top of the shark on its back, and two pectoral fins located on each side of the base of the shark. On the back end of the shark is a tail that is controlled via the remote control to maneuver the shark as it sails through the air. The Flying Shark even features five slit gills, just like you would find on an actual Great White. Altogether the Flying Shark measures 57 by 36 inches, which is approximately 4.5 feet, from tip to the end of its tail and 3 feet tall.

Using helium to stay afloat, the Inflatable Flying Shark typically will remain inflated for up to 14 days. To fly the Shark you will need to have four AAA batteries, which are not included. One battery is used in the tail fin of the Shark, while the other three are necessary for operating the remote control. The remote uses infrared light and a 27 or 40 MHz signal to direct the shark at a range of 40 feet. You will also find mobility a breeze as the shark can be turned around in a complete 360-degree circle in the air as well as flown up and down.

Air Swimmers Remote Control Flying Clown Fish

by William Mark

The Inflatable Flying Clown Fish
is the second in the line of inflatable fish by the William Mark Cooperation. This Air Swimmer is designed to look amazingly just like an actual clownfish. The body of the fish is a vivid orange color that is tinted in a natural way. It is marked with scaly white stripes trimmed in black surrounding the body of the fish. A wavy dorsal fin lines the top back of the fish, while two pectoral fins flutter at the base of the clown fish’s underside. On the back end of the clown fish is a mechanical tail used to steer and control the Inflatable Flying Clown Fish.

From end to end, the clown fish measures 57 by 36 inches, or approximately 4.5 feet long and 3 feet tall. Quite a behemoth compared to the real thing! Using helium, the clown fish will float; it is estimated that a filled clown fish will stay inflated for approximately two weeks.

The clown fish uses a remote control that operates via infrared to steer the fish within a 40-foot range. Just as with the Flying Shark, the Flying Clown fish runs off of four AAA batteries are needed for the fish and the remote.

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