Best Spy Gear for Kids 2012

Best Spy Gear for Kids 2012

One of the most popular types of toys among school-aged children today is the Spy Gear toy series. Just as the name suggests, these toys are spying tools and include everything from infrared night vision goggles to remote controlled vehicles that take videos. Give the little spy in your life a set of Spy Gear toys to fulfill their spy fantasies while at the same time encouraging imagination and creativity. He are listing here the best spy gear for kids. All of the spy toys listed here are best suited for children over the age of 8.

SPY NET: Stealth Video Glasses

A pair of Spy Net’s Stealth Video Glasses is great for kid spies as they attempt to scope out the enemy. Using a rechargeable battery that comes with the Video Glasses, your child will enjoy endless hours of pretend spying. The coolest feature of this piece of spy gear is the video recording capability. Not only can your child use the dark tinted glasses to move about undetected, but they can also use the Stealth Video Glasses to record the scene! A second setting, camera mode, allows your young spy to take still shots of the situation. In order to access the documentation provided via the Video Glasses, an enclosed USB cable allows connectivity to a PC or Mac. Download video footage that can be burned on to a DVD, emailed, or shared on social media sites, such as YouTube. Print off photos using high quality photo paper, or save these images to your computer for further analysis. The Video Glasses can hold up to 20 minutes of video or a whopping 2,000 photos!

Spy Net: Video Watch 2.0 with Night Vision

The best time to spy on someone or something is at night when the cover of darkness provides the perfect setting for going incognito. The Spy Net Video Watch 2.0 with Night Vision allows a child to stalk in the dark using the full-color 1.42 TFT screen to capture images. With video and camera capabilities, your child will even be able to record audio and video of the mission. As you watch your target in the dark using the screen of the Video Watch, you will have access to a live feed of the sounds picked up by the super sharp microphone. You can take up to 20 minutes of video or 2,000 photos using the Video Watch. Worried about visuals appearing in the dark setting? This amazing gadget takes great quality images that can be downloaded to a PC or Mac using the included USB cable. A rechargeable battery is also included in the package as an extra perk.

Spy Net Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars

No spy tool kit is complete without a pair of Spy Net Night Vision Infrared Stealth Binoculars. Using state of the art infrared technology, these binoculars allow you to see in total blackness in a range of up to 50 feet! The Stealth Binoculars use two infrared LED lights along with a digital camera function that operates via infrared beams. You also have a full color monitoring screen on the binoculars that allows you to watch the sharpest images possible no matter what the lighting conditions. The binoculars are large enough for an adult to wear them, but are also fully adjustable to fit snug to any size child’s head. Also included with the Night Vision Binoculars is a neck strap that allows the binoculars to rest around your neck while you are in pursuit or whenever you need free hands. Choose between green, blue, red, or natural light settings to change up your visual image, a feature which is especially fun when using the binoculars during the daytime.

Wild Planet Spy Gear Spy Night Goggles (2011 ver)

The Spy Gear Night Goggles by Wild Planet released in 2011 are a staple in a young spy’s kit. Featuring a pair of bright blue LED lights with a range of 25 feet, these Night Goggles allow you to hone in on your target with precision. The Night Goggles also include a built-in set of cross hairs and a retractable scope to further aid in pinpointing your target. Using a magnification lens of 2x magnification, these handy Goggles will give your vision the boost they need, even when you are on a late night mission. Additional features of these Night Goggles include a head strap that provides full adjustability to fit around any size head from child to adult. You are also provided with a secret spy code on the packaging which provides you with the clues to your very first secret spy mission!

Spy Gear Spy Video Car VX-6

One of the coolest pieces of Spy Gear to hit the marketplace is the Spy Video Car VX-6. This remote controlled all-terrain vehicle comes fully functional with a wireless video feed that will keep you informed and in control of any situation. The remote control itself contains a full color LCD monitoring screen with audio that provides you with live feed of whatever crosses paths with the Video Car. No one will think anything is suspicious as they see this black toy car with blue accents zooming about, but you will be all the wiser thanks to your video feed! And the powerful wireless video feed is able to shoot through walls and closed doors, so you can be rooms away as you survey the situation. Another amazing feature of this Video Car is its ability to see in the dark. Using infrared technology, you will be able to capture footage on the go, even at night.

Spy Net: Secret Message Invisible Ink

One of the most important tools for any spy is a secret message pen, and the Spy Net has taken this into account with their Secret Message Invisible Ink. This pen set includes an ink pen filled with invisible ink that has an attached UV light for reading the hidden words. The beauty of the pen is that it appears to look like all other pens, even featuring a clip at the top for attaching the pen to a shirt pocket or the front of a notebook. The UV light conveniently folds into the side of the pen and looks like a side button.

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