Best Toy Story Action Figures

Best Toy Story Action Figures

One of the most beloved animated children’s movies is Toy Story by Disney’s Pixar and is actually the first of four movies in the series. In each of these favored films, the main characters are Woody the cowboy and Buzz Lightyear the heroic astronaut. However, these two guys do not act alone! There are a cast of classic children’s toy characters that include Mr. Potato Head, Slinky Dog, an old school set of plastic Army soldiers, and more. Learn more about the types of Toy Story action figures available so that you can give some lucky child, or adult, a collection of the coolest toys ever born out of the big screen. They will have a blast recreating their favorite scenes from the movie series.

Advanced Talking Buzz Lightyear Action Figure

An Advanced Talking Buzz Lightyear action figure licensed by Disney is a must-have toy for anyone in love with Toy Story. This authentic talking action figure stands at 12 inches and recites 15 different phrases that made Buzz Lightyear a star including “Stand back everyone” and “No back talk! I have a laser and I will use it.”

Other features include the classic mechanics including a laser light that shoots out from Buzz Lightyear’s arm with the push of a button, a retractable helmet, and light up wing tips on wings that release by pressing a button for true karate chop.

Toy Story Pull String Woody Talking Figure

Sheriff Woody is the good-hearted star of the Toy Story movie series who is always learning lessons and teaching the other toys along the way. Choose this Pull String Woody talking action figure by Disney that stands at 16 inches tall and is ready for a rootin’ tootin’ good time! Using the handy pull string you can hear Woody say his signature phrases of “There’s a snake in my boot!” and “Howdy Partner.” In total the toy Sheriff repeats five different phrases from the first Toy Story movie. Sheriff Woody even includes a detachable authentic cowboy hat that is essential for any sheriff, especially Woody!

Toy Story Woody & Bullseye Roundup Pack

In the Toy Story 3 movie, a new crew of characters joins the cast.  In particular, Woody’s four legged sidekick galloped onto the scene.  Now you can buy a Woody and Bullseye Roundup Pack that includes Sheriff Woody and Bullseye the bucking bronco that features kicking action that can be triggered with a tug of his tail.  Sheriff Woody can ride high on his trusty steed atop of an attached saddle. The duo measures in at 12 by 3.2 by 10 inches and weighs 1 pound. Bullseye and Woody are made from hard plastic that is texturized to make it look like real fabric and fur. You can bend the legs as you make Bullseye trot from place to place with Woody on his back!

Toy Story Jessie & Bullseye Partner Pack

The fast-talking Jessie and the loveable horse Bullseye come to the big screen with the Toy Story 3 film. And now you can have your very own Jessie and Bullseye thanks to the Disney’s Pixar Partner Pack. Jessie stands proud at 11 ½ inches and is fully posable thanks to her hard plastic body and limbs. Recreate your favorite scenes from the movie as you remove Jessie’s detachable red cowboy hat to braid her signature red hair made from yarn. Jessie and her horse Bullseye stand tall at 16 by 3.5 by 12 inches tall, which makes for one of the most realistic and true to size Toy Story character toys.

Toy Story Pull String Jessie Talking Figure

Jessie the dynamite cowgirl stole the show in Toy Story 3 and is now available as an authentic Toy Story Pull String Jessie talking action figure. Standing at 16 inches tall, Jessie recites eight phrases with a pull of her string. Hear Jessie say “Sweet mother of Abraham Lincoln,” “Blast us to smithereens. That there is dynamite,” and ”Yeeeeeehaaaaaa,” just a few of the phrases that made her character a hit on the big screen. Cowgirl Jessie comes with a detachable red cowgirl hat, as well as real cloth clothing. Her head turns around, and you can even take off her cowboy boots!

Toy Story Mega Action Roar N’ Run Rex Figure

What child does not like dinosaurs, especially Rex who is a highlight of the Toy Story movies! Add the Toy Story Mega Action Roar N’ Run Rex action figure to your Toy Story collection to recreate the most entertaining scenes from the movies. This lovable green dinosaur, a Tyrannosaurus Rex suitably named Rex, is more of a teddy bear than a voracious beast. You will love to be able to bring this sweet dinosaur to life thanks to the pull string on its back. You can hear Rex say key phrases from the films. Also the plastic 10-inch tall dino walks! Just pull the string and he will truck along while shouting at you; what a perfect celebration of this cute dinosaur.

Toy Story Exclusive Deluxe Plush Figure Bullseye The Horse

This Disney Pixar classic Toy Story Exclusive Deluxe Plush Figure Bullseye the Horse is a one of a kind. Made from a soft material, this plush stuffed horse is huge at 17 inches tall. You will love to snuggle up to this sweet horsey! The design of Bullseye includes classic details, such as the cactus imprint just above his signature gold stirrups. And Bullseye holds a treasured reminder of Toy Story 3. Flip this horse to his back and check out his hooves. Each of his hooves is treated with an embroidered letter, A, N, D, and Y, just like the touching moment in the movie. You will also appreciate the Disney Store Exclusive tag that is patched on to the horse’s rump. A truly wonderful toy, this version of Bullseye the Horse will become a delight of your Toy Story collection of action figures.

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