NERF Super Soakers 2012

NERF Super Soakers 2012

Stand back when you see a NERF Super Soaker coming your way, or else you can expect to get drenched. These water blasters are the top of the line for water guns as NERF is a renowned name brand associated with quality. Each of the following water blasters has its own distinction, such as small and concealable or large and in charge. For best results, gather each of the Super Soaker water blasters to build up your own arsenal so you have just the right blaster for any occasion.

Nerf Super Soaker Scatter Blast

Blasting water at targets has always been a thrill for most people, and now with the Super Soaker Scatter Blaster by Nerf this game has reached a new level. Send five stinging streams of spray at your enemies with the power and force behind this pump-handle blaster. Talk about a cannon blast, this sawed off cannon is strong enough to spray water at up to 25 feet away. Douse your victims with a devastating amount of water in a single shot; they’ll beg for mercy! This Super Soaker also features a tactical rail and flip-up sight to ensure the aim of a champion.

Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm

Soak your enemies with the Nerf Super Soaker Thunderstorm, a revolutionary water blaster that has more power than ever. You’ll become a force to be reckoned with thanks to the motorized function that makes this blaster a fully automatic unit. Simply place your finger on the trigger and start blasting targets that are up to 25 feet away! Forget the tedious chore of pumping; long gone are the days of constantly running to a water supply. The innovative water clip on the Thunderstorm blaster gives you the freedom to take off. Plus, you can purchase extra Nerf Super Soaker Clip System Canisters to provide you with all of the aqua-power that you need.

Nerf Super Soaker Tornado Strike

Test out the Tornado Strike water blaster, which is a powerful combination of fun and nature. By mimicking the natural twisting motion of a tornado, NERF has engineered a water blaster that delivers a cyclonic shape. Thanks to a spinning barrel, the water comes out twisting so to give your opponents a powerful punch. This pump-handle style Super Soaker will send a spinning stream of water 20 feet away. Also, the Tornado Strike features the innovative water clip to hold your ammo. This blaster also has a detachable stock to alter the reach of the gun, as well as tactical rails to guide your aim.

Nerf Super Soaker Point Break

Super Soaker presents its latest in the water sidearm category with the NERF Point Break model. This water blaster operates by using air-pressure power with a pump handle. Simply pump the handle and then pull the trigger to send a shocking stream up to 16 feet away. As part of a water battle arsenal, the Point Break model is perfect for those quick hits that are up close and personal. You can fire the Point Break blaster with one hand, post pumping, so your other hand is free to shoot a second Super Soaker Point Break water blaster. You’ll be the wild water maverick!

Nerf Super Soaker Hydro Cannon

When you are in an epic water battle, you can never fail with the Hydro Cannon in your Super Soaker arsenal. This heavy-duty water blaster holds up to five times more water than the Super Soaker Thunderstorm or Tornado Strike. And, the Hydro Cannon has the farthest reach of any of the other NERF water blasters from 2011/2012 at up to 35 feet using the most recent implementation of Constant Pressure System. Your water blasts will have the impact they need to earn you victory in any water battle. The pump-handle water blaster includes a detachable shield for blocking out enemy blasts. Get ready to soak all of the competition with this hardcore Hydro Cannon.

Super Soaker Hydro Fury Water Blaster

Pack the heat with this pair of Super Soaker Hydro Fury water blasters. Compact enough to hide from plain sight; you’ll want to include these in your Super Soaker collection. While these water guns might be small in size, they are definitely not small in action. Go into a water battle fully prepared with your pair of Hydro Fury blasters that can be pumped ahead of time so they are ready to shoot as needed. Whip this duo of blasters out and shoot enemies up to 16 feet away. These blasters are also great for a dual of two opponents.

Super Soaker Wars Rattler Water Blaster

Be prepared to drown the competition with your air-powered Wars Rattler. Featuring rapid fire action, the Wars Rattler gets down and dirty without having to slow down for fill ups. This pump-handle water blaster lets you spend more time out on the battle field and less time at the water faucet. Hit your targets up to 25 feet away with plenty of fire power thanks to the oversize capacity tank that holds more than 1 liter of water. You can even add ice to the capacity tank for an extra cold shot of water. The Wars Rattler is one mean water blaster!

Super Soaker Iron Man 2 Water Blaster

If you love Iron Man, then the Super Soaker Iron Man 2 water blaster is a must for you. Featuring the signature red and gold color scheme, this water blaster is constructed to resemble the Iron Man helmet. However, the real treat is the dual-nozzle technology. Choose from between a stinging pinpoint stream of water and a torrential downpour for your water battles. The Constant Pressure System technology ensures that whichever style of shooting you prefer, the Iron Man 2 will provide a steady amount of water pressure. Also, the water blaster features an oversized capacity tank to hold plenty of ammunition to take down anyone who stands in the way of you and your Iron Man 2 blaster.

Team together and set up water battles with friends and neighbors this summer as you test out your favorite NERF Super Soakers from this year. All of the Super Soaker water blasters released in 2012 have an age recommendation of 6 years. Remember that when shooting your Super Soaker you should not aim for the eyes or ears for safety purposes.

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