LEGO Friends Sets

LEGO Friends Sets

The LEGO Friends is a collection of construction toys that are designed for girls ages 6 to 12. You’ll have a blast playing with the five Friends’ characters: Olivia, Emma, Andrea, Stephanie, and Mia. Each of these characters is presented as mini-dolls that have been designed very realistically. Plan to spend hours with the dozens of scenarios available in the colorful pink and purple landscape of Heartlake. From the downtown and suburbs of Heartlake to the scenic mountains, beach area, and campgrounds, the Friends collection highlights all of these areas. Check out the awesome convertible that seats two mini-dolls as they cruise to the retro diner. Or take the mini-dolls and their pets to the veterinary clinic before they get all dolled up at the beauty salon. There’s even a swimming pool included in this collection!

LEGO Friends Olivia’s Tree House – 3065

Olivia’s Tree House features one of the LEGO Friends’ characters, Olivia, along with her two pets Maxie the cat and Goldie the bird. Enjoy decorating this LEGO tree house that comes furnished with a telescope so Olivia can see the night’s sky, as well as folding ladders for climbing to the tree house and treetop. There’s even a hidden compartment in the tree house where Olivia can hide all kinds of goodies! All of Olivia’s friends will want to come for a sleepover in this fun playhouse. For Olivia’s pets, the set includes a fish, food dishes, and a milk carton, as well as an unattached birdhouse for Goldie making this scene a truly unique one.

LEGO Friends City Park Cafe – 3061

Meet LEGO Friends Andrea and Marie as they serve up delicious snacks at the City Park Café. This retro-style café features everything they need to open up their very own restaurant. A kitchen comes complete with everything from a frying pan and spatula to a fruit pie and a juice carton. There is also an outside area for seating, as well as a counter to seat guests. Check out the cash register and money bricks! You’ll spend hours setting up this new diner, while treating your LEGO Friends to countless meals and desserts.

LEGO Friends Heartlake Vet – 3188

Join Mia and Sophia the LEGO Friends’ Veterinarian and all of the Friends’ pets at the Heartlake Vet. This set features 3 animals: Bella the horse, a hedgehog named Oscar, and Scarlett the puppy. However, you can bring any of the LOGO Friends’ pets to the Heartlake Vet for their annual checkup or for emergencies. The veterinary clinic features stations and supplies to care for all sorts of animals from feathered friends to four legged mammals. All you need to get the vet clinic up and running including an examination table, aquarium, x-ray, and scale come with the set. The Heartland Vet kit also features an attached horse stable and animal cage. Supply your LEGO Friends with a set of 7 vet tools, as well as flowers, ladybirds, and butterflies to bring a touch of nature to this LEGO set.

LEGO Friends Butterfly Beauty Shop – 3187

Get ready for plenty of beauty treatments with LEGO Friends Emma and Sarah in the Butterfly Beauty Shop. You’ll have a blast arranging this set chock-full of accessories including hair styling tools, sunglasses, and hair bows. Gather your LEGO Friends around the outdoor water fountain, while they rest their weary feet from a day of shopping for purses and makeup. Complete with a mirror that’s perfect for primping and a money brick to pay for everything, the Butterfly Beauty Shop is filled with endless fun.

Stephanie’s Cool Convertible – 3183

It’s time to hit the road with LEGO Friends! The LEGO Friends collection presents Stephanie and her Cool Convertible. Get ready to take your LEGO Friends for a road trip in this purple car with blue trim. Starring Stephanie and her dog Coco, the Cool Convertible set also includes all of the necessities for a car wash: a water tap, car brush, and water bucket. You’ll also get a glowing street lamp and park bench for a street side setup. Stephanie comes complete with an mp3 player and a hair accessory pack filled with a hairbrush, mirror, and hairdryer. Of course, a road trip would not be complete without sunglasses, so Stephanie also has her own pair of trendy shades.

LEGO Friends Olivia’s House – 3315

One of the largest play sets of the LEGO Friends is Olivia’s House. This set includes 3 mini-dolls, Olivia, and her parents Anna and Peter. Oh, and don’t forget Olivia’s pet cat, Kitty! The two-story playhouse features 4 rooms on one side of the structure, and a barbecue, garden area, and a rooftop patio. You’ll spend hours with your LEGO Friends as they plant carrots and flowers in the garden, while they cook apples and chicken drumsticks outside on the barbecue grill. In the kitchen Olivia has everything she needs to make a mouthwatering meal from a bunch of cherries to a mixer and muffin tins. Indoors the LEGO Friends can lounge on the sofa chair or couch as they watch the TV set. Following a fun-filled day, it’s time to put Olivia and her family to bed after Olivia writes about her exciting day in her diary. Altogether, this set comes with 695 LEGO elements including realistic appliances and colorful LEGO bricks.

LEGO Friends Heartlake Dog Show – 3942

Meet Mia and her puppies Scarlett and Jacky as they get ready to go to the Heartlake Dog Show. You’ll want to get all of the LEGO Friends’ furry pals washed and groomed so they have their chance to impress the judges. Start by washing and primping your pets in the grooming station, followed by a stroll through the obstacle course. Win first prize and a trophy if you complete the challenge! Accessories included in the Heartlake Dog Show set are a camera, doggy bows, and hair brushes. You’ll also receive plenty of doggy bones to keep your LEGO Friends’ pets happy, along with a see-saw, flags, and a hurdle for the obstacle course.

All of the LEGO Friends sets come fully compatible with any of the LEGO System bricks. Collect all 5 of the mini-dolls in the LEGO Friends collection, as well as the 23 different sets which are expected to increase in the future.

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