Best LEGO Star Wars Sets for 2012

Best LEGO Star Wars Sets for 2012

Whether you are a die-hard fan of Star Wars, or someone who is new to the series, you’ll find the LEGO Star Wars Set collection hard to beat. This is the ultimate in space galaxy invasions from the space troopers to the starfighters. Everything you could ask for from the Star Wars movies including the signature light sabers to the ultimate Millenium Falcon is part of the LEGO Star Wars collection of 2012. Each piece has been replicated with precision so they are suitable for staging and durable enough for the toughest play sessions.

LEGO Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter – 9493

The Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter is the most iconic vehicle from the Star Wars domain. It has been the top choice for the Rebel Alliance, ever since Luke destroyed the first Death Star from its cabin. Along with the signature starfighter are 4 minifigures including Luke Skywalker, Jek Porkins, R5-D8, and R2-D2. Spend hours recreating scenes as Luke and Jek take turns piloting the X-Wing Starfighter, which comes equipped with 2 proton torpedoes. Set down the retractable landing gear, or fold up the wings for attack mode. Open up the cock pit and place any of the LEGO Star Wars characters inside as they take charge in the battle against the evil Empire.

Elite Clone Trooper & Commando Droid 9488

Get ready to go to space war with the Star Wars Elite Clone Trooper and Commando Droid set that includes a Republic artillery cannon and 5 weapons. The Separatists are preparing to fight to the finish with these 2 commando droids. However, the elite troopers’ artillery cannon will be hard to beat! Featuring an elevating turret and flick missile, those clankers will be fleeing the scene in a hurry. In addition to the Republic artillery cannon, this exciting Star Wars set includes an ARC trooper, an ARF trooper, as well as the 2 commando droids.

LEGO Star Wars Millennium Falcon – 7965

Check out the ultimate Star Wars vehicles. The LEGO Millennium Falcon has been recreated to look exactly like the one from the scene featuring the escape of the Death Star from the Star Wars’ Episode IV: A New Hope. The entire set of the most popular characters from the Star Wars series are included as minifigures: Luke Skywalker, Chewbacca, Han Solo, Princess Leia Organa, Ben Kenobi, and Darth Vader. Spend countless hours in this modified Corellian Engineering Corporation YT-1300 fighter. Remove the detachable cockpit cover of the Millennium Falcon, which measures in at 15-by-4 inches, so your Star Wars characters can take turns moving the rotating quad-laser turrets and firing the twin flick missiles. To increase the playability, this set also features 3 blasters, 3 light sabers, and 1 crossbow.

Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator – 7961

Pretend you are blasting off to Tatoone in this 479-piece LEGO Star Wars set. Featuring Darth Maul’s Sith Infiltrator, you’ll also receive 4 minifigures: Darth Maul, Padmé, Captain Panaka, and Qui-Gon Jinn. Go on the hunt for Queen Amidala as Darth Maul goes to battle with Jedi Master Qui-Gon Jinn and Captain Panaka. The Sith Infiltrator has all sorts of gadgets and gizmos including folding wings, a landing ramp, opening hatches, and a flick missile. It also comes with a removable probe droid and Sith speeder to keep your Star Wars characters in order.

LEGO Star Wars ARC-170 Starfighter – 8088

LEGO Star Wars presents the ARC-170 Starfighter from the 2012 collection. As seen in Episode III, the heavily armored ARC-170 Starfighter includes a pair of S-foil attack wings that fold away when in attack mode against the Separatist Droid Army. Open the 3 cockpits to activate the flick firing rockets that are operational via a specialized lever. This set includes 2 clone pilots and the R4-P44 astromech droid, as well as the Jedi Master Kit Fisto minifigures. Your Clone Wars fighter bomber comes complete with 369 pieces to provide you with hours of gameplay.

LEGO Star Wars Death Star – 10188

Bring back the action from the Star Wars series with this amazing LEGO Death Star set. Featuring 3803 pieces, this all-inclusive play set is intricately detailed to look exactly like the battle station from Star Wars Episodes IV and VI. From the multiple decks to the Emperor’s throne room, everything from the original Death Star has been included in the LEGO version. Check out the tractor beam controls and the rotating turbo laser turrets jetting out from the top of the unit. Also included are a droid maintenance facility and an Imperial conference chamber. To top off this remarkable set are 24 minifigures–Han Solo, Luke Skywalker, Princess Leia, R2-D2, Chewbacca, Obi-Wan Kenobi, C-3PO, Grand Moff Tarkin, Emperor Palpatine, Luke Skywalker (as Jedi Knight), R2-Q5, and Darth Vader, as well as 2 Stormtroopers, a mouse droid, and 2 Emperor’s Royal Guards. Of these, six minifigures can only be found in this particular set. Measuring 16 inches tall, this version of the Death Star is perfect for recreating the final and most famous duel in the Emperor’s Throne Room between the dark Darth Vader and fair-haired Luke Skywalker.

LEGO Star Wars Tie Fighter – 9492

Track down the faction of the Rebel Alliance with the LEGO Star Wars Tie Fighter. Featuring a Tie fighter with dual flick missiles and an opening cockpit, this starfighter was produced by the Galactic Empire to protect the Death Star. After you assemble this starfighter model, spend hours recreating the many Star Wars battles using the 4 included minifigures: an Imperial officer, a Tie fighter pilot, a R5-J2 droid, and a Death Star trooper. Go to battle with the 9493 X-wing Starfighter to protect the Empire to the finish.

General Grievous Starfighter – 8095

The new Star Wars General Grievous Starfighter includes 3 minifigures: General Grievous, an A4-D droid, and the new Jedi Knight Nahdar Vebb. Plop General Grievous in the swiveling command chair of his secret lair where he is centrally located to the light saber rack. Set the Starfighter into action with its secret flick firing missiles and a rotational back fin that flips down into the vehicle’s landing gear. This set comes with 454 LEGO pieces that will provide you with plenty of fun.

LEGO Star Wars The Battle of Naboo – 7929

The Battle of Naboo comes alive with the 241-piece LEGO Star Wars 2012 set. Featuring a Jar Jar Binks and a Gungan scout minifigures, along with 2 droid pilots and 8 battle droids with blasters, this battle droid troop carrier measures in at over 9 inches in length. A highlight of this set is the newest addition to the Gungan scout–the transparent energy shield. The troop carrier is set up to hold two racks of detachable droids, which are ideal for recreating the Star Wars Battle of Naboo.

Emperor Palpatine’s Shuttle – 8096

Send your Star Wars pals into outer space with the Emperor Palpatine’s Shuttle. Tag along with Emperor Palpatine in his personal shuttle as he attempts to save Anakin Skywalker from Mustafar, a volcanic planet in the Star Wars film Revenge of the Sith. Inside the shuttle you’ll find a transformation bed necessary to transform war-wounded Anakin Skywalker. The shuttle also features plenty of movable options from an opening cockpit to operational landing gear. Completing this 592-piece set are a medical droid and a clone pilot minifigures.

The LEGO Star Wars Sets of 2012 are all interchangeable with one another, as well as with other LEGO construction systems. Each of these sets is age-appropriate for children who are 9 to 12 years old. The sets are also intricately designed and realistic to the Star Wars series, so to make for perfect models for Star Wars collectors.

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