Furby Plush Review

Furby Plush Review

The Furby’s back in style with the Furby Plush series and they speak Furbish just like old-time. The new Furby in Furby Plush series is technically advanced to match up with the technology savvy kids of today. It comes with an iPhone / iPod app which understands Furbish and translates it to English for the kids. The app lets you virtually feed the Furby, with other interactive features. There’s also an online dictionary available so that the kids themselves can learn Furbish and won’t need to use the iOS app so much.

The Furby has a mind of its own; the way a Furby is treated shapes its personality. You can tickle it, feed it, shake it, tilt or turn it, pull its tail, speak to it or play music for it. A Furby responds to each of these actions in a different way, and each Furby has a different reaction to these actions. Your Furby may like a few of these being done for it, and it may not like some others. It may not behave as expected to these reactions. All this shapes up Furby’s personality, how you keep on treating it matters a lot in developing Furby’s personality.
Furby Plush interactive
Furby responds in different ways when she meets other Furbys from Furby Plush series. Their reaction to the meet is again shaped by its personality. It might get along well with some Furbys, and might not so well with others. You can never know what happens, you need to see it for yourself.

Furby is a good learner. When you first use it, talk to it, it will talk in Furbish, but as you play more with it, it learns English, and starts talking in English one word at a time. If Furby’s Furbish is confusing to begin with use the online Furbish-to-English dictionary or get the Furby iOS app to translate it for you.

You can even feed your Furby. Just pretend to give Furby food with your finger or feed it something virtually using the Furby app. Since Furby has a personality it would react differently to different food items, and surprise you with what it says or does for a particular food item. For example, feed it something it loves and it loves you back.

Furby is smart in the way it goes to sleep when you stop playing with it, there’s no ‘On’ or ‘Off’ switch to tell it to go to sleep. If you are nice to your Furby, it will behave nicely with you too. Pet Furby’s head, rub the belly, and feed Furby regularly; Furby will be good and loving with you. If you don’t feed the Furby, hold it upside down, pull its tail, tease it; you won’t get any love from your Furby. Furby can amazingly realize if the owner is a boy or girl and changes the voice accordingly.

Furby dances along with the songs and sings too. Furby laughs when tickled. Furby’s ears go back when you stroke its head with love. Spinning and rolling it around its eyes it makes a funny sound saying “Oh My God dude”. It even responds to music, rocking itself from side-to-side.

Each Furby from the Furby Plush series is secure for a kid to handle. When the batteries in a Furby die out, there’s a pair of screws that needs to be undone to get the batteries out. It does take a bit of an effort to get out but this is for the best. This ensures that the small ones cannot just take out the battery themselves and play with them. They would need an adult to change the batteries for them.

Since a Furby comes alive with the batteries in it, for an imaginative kid it could be a new pet rather than just a toy. A Furby’s personality changes with how the owner behaves with it, just a like a pet responds to the owner. Show your love to a Furby, it will love you back. With the iOS app you can feed Furby different foods, and see it respond to various food items. It easily gobbles bacon, cheese, tomato sandwich or similar foods.

Moreover Furbys from Furby Plush series are now available in various color combinations like, Orange/Blue, Teal/Purple, Gray/Teal, Yellow/Teal, Blue/Yellow, Cotton Candy, Punky Pink and many more amazing ones. There are even products with which you can style up your Furby.

Another product from the Furby Plush series is the Furby Party RockerParty Rocker. These creatures like to party, and love to mingle. They have an cool attitude of their own! Putting on some music, pulling their tail makes the Party Rocker Furby to go into partying mode. The iOS app lets you feed them party snacks, and use other interactive features. These Party Rockers Creatures interact with Furbys; the interactions always take you by surprise.

You can style your Furby in the awesome way it deserves, in a pair of Furby Frames available in pairs of various colors of Yellow/Black, Blue/Pink, Pink/Green and others. Put one on a Furby now, and use another when you want the Furby to make a different style statement.

A Furby needs it rest after a whole day of playtime. Get your Furby an exclusive Lounge Chair in pink from the Furby Plush series so that it can get some rest or shut-eye. Sitting on the Lounge Chair doesn’t mean that Furby will stop chatting with you, it would still keep on chatting. The Lounge Chair just keeps the Furby relaxed and happy while it chattering.

All in all, each Furby toy from Furby Plush series is a great gift for anyone above six years of age, and there’s no upper limit of age. People of all ages can equally enjoy a Furby toy, play with it, chat with it, give it a part of their own personality, see it change its personality, awe at the technological marvel of today’s Furby Plush series and experience the joy of owning a state of the art technology toy.


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