Monster High Dolls

Monster High Dolls

The doll series from Monster High we are reviewing is made up of Scaris Jinafire of Monster High from Travel series, Howleen of Monster High from Dance Class series, Nefera of de Nile from Monster High, Draculaura of Monster High from Ghouls Rule series, Lagoona Blue of Monster High from Dance Class, and Venus McFlytrap from Monster High Daughter of the Plant Monster.
Travel Scaris Jinafire Long Doll

Scaris Jinafire Travel

The ghouls are about to go together on a trip abroad from Monster High in monster style in the form of Scaris Jinafire a travel doll. They are as fabulous abroad as they are at home. The doll carries different outfits, and a travel journal to keep a record of moments they encounter during their travels. Along with their outfits they carry jewelry, hairbrush and doll stands for picture perfect shots of them.

The doll is well articulated which allows them to pose in various ways for getting that perfect shot of them. It is a very detailed doll from the dolls series from Monster High. It has a deep golden skin with scales all over her body to match the Monster High image well. Jinafire comes with a cool dragon fin at the end of tail.
Dance Class Howleen Wolf

Dance Class Howleen Wolf

Howleen of Monster High from Dance Class series brings her unique style to the dance classes. Howleen comes with extremely soft pink hair. Howleen’s shirt shows her hip-hop moves for dance class. Softer vinyl arms on Howleen, the Wolf Dancer, make her pose easily.

Howleen of Monster High from Dance Class series accessorizes itself with a plastic belt and printed headphones. The pair of blue shoes she wears is simply adorable. The quality of her clothes is as great as she is pretty.
Nefera de Nile Doll

Nefera de Nile

Nefera from Monster High, is Mummy’s daughter and Cleo’s big sister, is pretty articulated making it possible for her to pose in quite a few ways. She’s a member of the de Nile family. Nefera’s Doll from Monster High series doesn’t come alone; it comes bundled with her pet Azura – the Beetle, a journal, doll stand, and various other accessories.

Being the older sister to Cleo, Nefera is taller than her and has thicker limbs as torso as compared to Cleo. This is the kind of detailed attention that you can expect from the Dolls from Monster High series. Nefera’s legwarmer and shirt remind of her mummy lineage, they are printed to look like mummy wrappings. A snake necklace accessorizes the wrap skirt of Nefera the Doll. She also carries an Egyptian-detailed handbag with snake handle.
Ghouls Rule Draculaura Doll

Ghouls Rule Draculaura

Draculaura of Monster High from Ghouls Rule series is taking Halloween back to school in fang-full costumes. Her tights are dark at the bottom, and become lighter as they go up to become pink at top. Her wings look like a blackened version of a spider’s web. Each of her shoes has a heart with bat wings on sides that add to her ghoul looks.

Draculaura’s pink collar is shaped like a bat is removable for more styling options. Her accessories include a pink pail, a hand held mask, and a skull. Her earrings look like a melting heart in pink. Her wings can be easily attached and detached from her. They join her back from her shoulder to waist. The wings are movable, so they can be moved to make for a better pose. The best part is while placing Draculaura on her stand you don’t need to worry about her wings, they don’t create any kind of trouble in any pose. She completes her monster look with a spider web like design around each of her eye. Draculaura of Monster High from Ghouls Rule series is highly articulated to let it pose well.
Dance Class Lagoona Blue

Dance Class Lagoona Blue

Lagoona Blue of Monster High from Dance Class from Dolls of Monster High series is no doubt a pretty sea-monster chic. She is a ballet dancer, which is quite evident from her flowing ballet outfit. Her hair is loosely styled with aqua highlights. She wears a black outfit with coral reef and bubble on it. She also wears an aqua colored see through tutu with tentacles of an Octopus and seaweed design on it. Her ballet shoes have a starfish on front and come up her leg like seaweed and also wrap around a gill of Lagoona Blue.

Lagoona Blue accessorizes herself with a pearl bracelet and an oxygen tank with her, in case of emergencies!
Monster High Doll Venus McFlytrap

Venus McFlytrap

Venus McFlytrap from Monster High was born to Plant Monster. Venus has her own signature style. Venus is all about vines. She has a vine necklace, vine bracelets, vine earrings, and vines sort of coming out of her shoes and onto her leg. In line with her image of an Eco Punk, which she declares openly via a patch on her denim vest, Venus McFlytrap’s right side of the head is shaved and is pink in color. Her magenta shoes seem to have green teeth of their own. Along with Venus McFlytrap’s doll comes her pet – Chewlian (a Venus flytrap), a journal, doll stand, etc.

Chewlian has big teeth and sort of a Mohawk. The diary contains stories about how what she does to save the environment and that she should be careful to not user her plant-powered pheromones to influence other monsters to partake in her cause. Skin on Venus McFlytrap’s hand is made to feel like a plant, and ears to feel like a leaf. Venus McFlytrap volunteers for ecological causes, which passes on an environmental message to the buyers and end-users.

Each of the dolls in Dolls from Monster High series is made in such a way that the doll matches up to the image that you have of the doll from watching them in action. Each doll comes in a color that suits their image, and texture to match their history; each doll in the series is a real piece of collectible art. Each doll in Monster High series is fully articulated to ensure that it can be styled to pose in many different ways for that picture perfect snapshot with you. Since.


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