Despicable Me 2 Toys and Games

Despicable Me 2 Toys and Games

The sequel to Despicable Me, Despicable Me 2, has not only come alive to motion picture but also to its toy version. The three girls, Gru and the minions have made some noise before and post launching of the movie. One of the world’s largest fast food chain manufactured Despicable Me 2 toy series as part of the happy meal. The toy series is a success that it is followed by different toy versions by different manufacturers. Here is a comprehensive review on Despicable Me 2 toys and games.

Toys and Action Figures

The toy seriesDespicable Me 2 Figures includes the main characters, the minions, some weapons and some of the popular villains. The series would also be not complete without the appearance of Agnes’ fluffy toy, which will remind you of her “it’s so fluffly. I’m gonna die!” line in the first installment of the movie series. Most of the toys look exactly the animated characters that you and your kids will enjoy playing with. The designs and details remain faithful to the movie, including the futuristic vehicles and weapons of the minions. Some Despicable Me 2 toys are also made designs for bags, novelty glasses, posters, board games, among many others.

As Gru tries to live a life in peace with his three adopted daughters, some untoward incident happened that will introduce the ex-villain to thrill and action. He is recruited by the Anti-Villain League to find the stolen secret laboratory close to Arctic Circle. An evil person stole the said lab to sustain his evil-doings and bring chaos to the planet by using a powerful bio-chemical weapon that can create indestructible monsters. The adventure begins with Gru’s search for the villain and combats him to restore peace on the planet. Using this scene, you can play creatively play with this Despicable Me 2 PVC 2-inch mini-figure setDespicable Me 2 PVC 2 Inch Mini Figure 10-Piece Set 2. It is perfect for the family as everyone can play along. It comes in 10-piece set that includes Gru, Agnes, Edith, Dr. Nefario, Tim, Dave, Tom, Stuart and Unicorn. Each toy stands 1.3 to 2 inches, making them a good display to put in your car dashboard. It comes with a stand to store and display it easily.

Of course, there is no action if this Evil one-eyed purple minion does not exist in your toy set. It stands 10 inches and is a plush doll to scare your yellow minions. However, you can also match it with the plush doll versions of Stuart and Dave, or Agnes even. These toys are available at affordable prices that you can quickly collect them and complete your set of Despicable Me 2 toys.

If you want some compelling action, this Despicable Me 2 deluxe action figuresDespicable Me 2 Deluxe Figures are recommended. With the Despicable Me 2 Dave deluxe action figure the rocket can be easily attached to the launcher. You just have to press the trigger to launch it away towards the opponent. You can also press the minion’s pocket to move his eyes and mouth to taunt the opponent after launching the rocket. Stuart also has something to bring to the table as he and his fart dart launcher would be a big help to the other minions and Gru to send the opponents back to their camp. Lastly, this Despicable Me 2 Gru deluxe action figure with H2O Shooter is crafted creatively. Gru has a water tank attached to his back. You will need to fill it with water so that you can shoot your villains to stop them from attacking. It includes a display stand to support stability.


There are several Despicable Me 2 themed Games available. The open field war between the minions and the evil minions is what makes the movie extra exciting and entertaining. So, this Despicable Me 2 Battle Pods GameDespicable Me 2 Battle Pods Game would be a good start to make your own spin off. This toy set features battle pods, Gru car launcher, battle cards, 5 minions and 5 evil minions. Help the good minions to defeat the evil minions who are trying to get in Gru’s way of saving the Arctic Circle. To play this game, you have to put a minion in each battle pod and then utilize the car launcher to crash the evil minions all at once. However, this toy set is not recommended for children under 3 years of age.

In summary, these Despicable Me 2 Toys and Games are perfect for children 4 years of age and above. The toys are also a good gift for the older kids and even to your friends of the same age who are a fan of the movie. The details perfectly match the movie characters, but the sizes of some toys may be too small to keep them together, especially if you are playing the Despicable Me 2 Games. Overall, the toy series and games are still a great addition to your collection.


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