Advent Calendars From Lego And Playmobil

Advent Calendars From Lego And Playmobil

Here is a list of different toys from Playmobil and Lego so that your kid may have some fun. With a huge variety in lego sets and Playmobil sets, your kids will surely have an enjoyable Christmas when they will be able to have a good time with their favorite toys.
The 2013 list is endless. Let’s begin now:


Lego 60024 City Advent Calendar

LEGO Advent Calendar
If your kid is a lego lover, then the Lego 60024 City Advent Calendar should be an ideal toy for him. Your child will like it just like other kids like the fact that this one has got some mini-figures and it has got some cool vehicles. The vehicles and figs add to the level of fun for kids because they are able to play with their lego city advent calendar. Christmas is almost here so you might want to impress your kids by buying this lego calendar in advance and saving it until Christmas when they will be simply surprised at this amazing gift. This will make the perfect gift for anybody looking for something absolutely interesting and exciting. So, give yourself the opportunity to enjoy this toy with your kids because they will apparently have so much fun with it.

LEGO friends 41016 Advent Calendar

Have some fun celebrating Christmas by becoming friends with your lego toy and letting her shop in the Christmas market. Accompany her to the market by sending her in the scooter. Let Stephanie’s snow scooter ride through all the themes in the Christmas market. Let your kid journey along with her in this fantasy land Christmas market. You have to also help her out have the time of her life by enjoying her holiday in Heart lake city. Your kid will certainly find this Christmas and enjoyable experience. The LEGO consists of 24 buildable surprises with 24 compartments. Just go for it and add to the level of fun this Christmas! This Christmas will certainly be a remarkable experience for you and your children when they get to shop with Stephanie. It will be a wonderful opportunity so give it a try and it will be wonderful. The Lego friends 41016 Advent Calendar is going to make for an ideal gift for your kid.

LEGO Star Wars 75023 Advent Calendar

No matter how old you get, if you belong to the Star Wars craze era, you will never grow out of the movies. To remind you of the experiences with Star Wars, here is presenting a Lego wars 75023 advent calendar. The best thing that customers have to say about this product compared to all other Lego calendar is the fact that this one comes with nine figures and it also consists of the exclusive and very rare Santa figure. Now this is a great purchase! In fact you will be getting some new and old ships to enjoy in this series. It is a great purchase if you are a Star Wars fan and even better if you are somebody fond of enjoying LEGO.


PlayMobil Advent Calendar Forest Winter Wonderland

Playmobil advent calendar
For all PlayMobil users out there, you all agree with the fact that the quality is wholly superior. The problem with the Playmobil calendar however, is that the characters are all mixed up therefore, it becomes a tough deal locating and assembling the calendar/ Now another thing one might wonder is that there 24 days in an advent calendar so there should be 24 bags. Too much dismay one finds out that there are 3 very large bags where everything is mixed up so you literally have to dig your way through to find the one you are looking for. Nonetheless, the good thing is that it has prefilled boxes compared to all other versions and this one requires a bit of a space on your desk. An Advent calendar is particularly famous nowadays in lego and playmobil. Undoubtedly, the quality of playmobil toys is unbeatable. This will certainly work wonders for you. So, make sure to give yourself the opportunity to use this toy.

Advent Calendar Princess Wedding

Without a doubt, this PlayMobil set offers the best quality and is definitely durable. It can be said that the pieces are good quality and durable in a number of ways. You must know that these sets are highly detailed so you really wouldn’t want to buy the princess wedding calendar for a 3 year old. Nonetheless, it should also be made clear that there is no need of a battery when you are playing with PlayMobil. People who have bought PlayMobil toys are entirely in love with its high-quality. You can definitely not go wrong with its high-quality at all. This toy serves you right. Buy this advent calendar princess wedding and your baby girls will have no regrets. They will find the best playmate for some time.

Advent Calendar Pirates Treasure Cove

The Halloween costume is also a pirate dress. In fact the Christmas is also celebrated using the pirate measures. In fact these advent calendars are the best thing you would like for yourself. If you are looking to buy an advent calendar pirates treasure cove, therefore, you ought to know what you must do. This is why you need to know that this advent calendar is worthwhile because it will give you a different experience for celebrating Christmas. Therefore, just make sure you enjoy the pirate’s calendar.

Advent Calendar Emperor’s Knight Tournament

Most of the customers who have never tried any Advent calendars by PlayMobil ever before are much excited with this advent calendar of emperor’s knight tournament. This advent calendar will be a popular one among your 5-yeard old kid. In fact, it has more of learning element where you can learn counting days and month. The quality of the toys is also very good. In fact, you can also purchase an Animal Care Station that you will be opening on Christmas day to offer a surprise to your child. So combine this gift with a box of chocolates and make your child’s Christmas better than before. This Christmas will be extraordinary with this new kind of emperor experience with the new advent calendar. Go for it and you will like every bit of it. It is worthwhile so just go for it.


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