Toy Safety Guide for Parents

Toy Safety Guide for Parents

Children need toys to learn more about the world. Playing helps them develop and grow in every sense. For every parent, their children’s safety is top priority. You should remember this when buying toys, because some of them can endanger the health and even life of your beloved child.

In order to make sure that this doesn’t happen, you will need to learn many safety rules and considerations.

Stuffed Toys: Safety and Hygiene

It may seem that stuffed toys are the safest, but they are not. They can become carriers to bacteria that can cause potentially fatal diseases. Eating a bit of stuffing or a torn off button will also do a child great harm.

To avoid these dreadful outcomes you need to purchase only high quality toys that won’t be easy to tear. Always check the materials the item is made of. It’s essential to make sure that neither of them is toxic. You also need to check the quality of the seams and reliability of the methods used to attach different parts of the toy. It must be difficult to tear apart, and every tiny detail, like eyes and nose, must be secured properly.

Stuffed toys must be easy to wash, and you should do this regularly. The more the child likes the toy, the more often you will need to put it into the washing machine. Unfortunately, this will wear down even the highest quality toy. This means that you will need to part with it, because the item will start to fall apart.

Regular washing will remove any bacteria and dirt that can cause allergies and infections. Please note that if your child is sick, it’s imperative to wash all the toys they take to bed. You will also need to wash and sanitize them after your son or daughter feels better.

Size Matters

Children grow very fast, and the size of their toys should change along with them. However, this doesn’t mean that the bigger the child is, the bigger the toys should be. On the contrary, the youngest should never play with something small enough for them to swallow. This can end up with a tragedy, so you have to study the labels closely and only pick the toys that are appropriate for children of a specified age.

Don’t overdo it with big toys. Some manufacturers today create pieces that are simply gigantic, and many parents are attracted by them. However, you should never forget that toys must help the child develop physically, as well as mentally. If the piece is too big, kids will strain themselves trying to pick it up or will get tired quickly when playing. Neither of these options is good for the child’s development.

Even if you buy a toy that is of an appropriate size, you need to make sure that every part of it is firmly attached to the carcass. This will ensure that your kid cannot tear off a piece and eat it by accident.

Painted Toys: Quality Comes First

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Painted toys are always a risk. Unfortunately, sometimes it’s impossible to be sure that the item you buy is indeed safe. There may not be enough information on the label, and many toys don’t go through any screening before being allowed on the market.

This means that in this case, you will have to rely on the manufacturer’s credibility and trust their claims that the item is safe. Lead based paints can do great harm to any child. This is why it’s imperative that you only purchase items produced by companies that are accredited.

Even non-toxic paint can be a source of a problem if it peels off. Your child can swallow it, and this may lead to indigestion. The toy itself will look bad and will need to be replaced. All in all, this will be a waste of money with some potentially dangerous consequences.

Buying certified high quality toys will ensure that you don’t encounter such problems.

Art Supplies: Always Check the Label

Crayons and paints are favorites of millions of children. They also can cause a great deal of harm to the youngsters who love them so much. It’s every child’s weakness to bit off and chew almost everything that they can lay their hands on when young. This is why it’s imperative that you study the list of ingredients on the label of any art supplies you buy.

Bear in mind that some items suitable for older children will be potentially dangerous. Modeling clay is a good example of these things. This doesn’t mean that you should deny your child an opportunity to enjoy playing with these items. You just need to make sure that they understand the safety measures necessary. You will also need to supervise the kids while they are playing.
Research the markings that testify that art supplies were tested and proved to be safe for children. You need to know what kinds of marks and logos are genuine to be sure that you are buying safe products for your kids.

Play Time Supervising and Toy Maintenance

To make sure that your child stays safe while playing, you will need to supervise their games. This will eventually teach the children the appropriate limits, but when they are still young, you must keep an eye on them.

Never allow any recklessness and improper behavior

This will not only teach your children manners and fair play, but will ensure that they don’t take any risks while playing. Remember that children are often reckless because they don’t know any better. It is your job as an adult to explain to them that their actions can have some very dangerous consequences.

Check electronics and batteries

Any electronic device must be closely monitored when a child is playing with it. If the toy has batteries, you need to make sure that the compartment that holds them is sealed properly. You will also need to check the batteries and replace them when necessary. If the toy isn’t used, take the batteries out and store them separately.

Look out for loose strings, cords and ribbons

Many toys will have these elements incorporated in their design. They may seem perfectly safe while attached, but should the cord loosen, it turns into a hazard. You need to inspect the toys regularly and keep an eye on the children while they are playing to prevent any accidents.

Organize a safe playground

The place where children are playing must be made as safe as possible. The floor should be covered to prevent injury if the child falls. Any outlets must be childproofed. You also need to make sure there are no pieces of furniture with sharp edges, and nothing that can accidentally fall down and crash. It’s best to take away any glass decorations from the area where children are playing.

Toy maintenance is also very important for keeping your children safe. You have to check all toys for loose parts, cracks, peeled paint and breaks before the kids start to play and after they are finished.
Don’t allow your child to play with the toys they used outside in the house. You will need to wash them first, and it must be a thorough washing. If there is a sandbox in your backyard, you will need to have all the toys kids use for playing there sanitized regularly.

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