TOTY (Toy Of The Year) 2014 Award Winners

TOTY (Toy Of The Year) 2014 Award Winners

As our readers already know we are publishing the TOTY annual award winner toys listing with some reviews for parents to find appropriate toys for their kids every year. There are many toys in the world, and something new is invented almost every day. There are many contests that aim to determine the most interesting, fun and original creations of this industry. The following list will give you some idea about the most prominent toys of 2014.
rainbow loom

Rainbow Loom

A seemingly simple toy set called Rainbow Loom by Choon’s Design LLC managed to score four of the most important toy awards. It won the titles Toy of the Year, Activity Toy of the Year, Girl Toy of the Year and Specialty Toy of the Year.

This wondrous toy is very simple and hardly looks like something that one can enjoy playing with. However, it appeals to millions of children, especially young girls. Rainbow Looms inspire creativity and allow children a chance to show off their talents.

These sets allow you to create simple colorful jewelry that will be unique and very pretty. Considering the fact that everyone knows of the “friendship bracelet” tradition, it really is no wonder that this toy is so popular. The jewelry made with these sets has already become a strange form of currency between youngsters. These items are used to express gratitude and appreciation, as well as like tokens of friendship.

The set consists of rubber bands, looms, a hand tool and c-clips that are used to literally weave various articles of jewelry. You can use them to make bracelets, rings, keychains, etc. The fact that this toy won the Specialty award is definitely not surprising, because these sets are polished off the shelves as soon as they appear.

Minions: Ugly Me 2

The title of the best Boy Toy of the Year was rightfully snatched by Despicable Me Special Feature Minion Dave Talking Action Figure developed by Thinkway Toys.

This little toy will definitely make any child laugh, and it’s not only boys who can enjoy it. In fact, considering the popularity of the movie, even adults will enjoy indulging their inner child and playing with this tiny fella.

Dave can say 55 different minion phrases, and he can be just as fun as his “real” counterparts from the movie. To add to its credibility, toy actually speaks in its original movie voice.

The toy allows you to change the position of its arms, so you can get creative by posing Dave. It also has a special built-in “banana” mode. It activates by pressing the back of the minion’s tongue. Once in this mode, pressing the pocket or turning Dave’s head will make the toy emit a farting sound.

Dave’s eyes are also moving making playing with him even more interesting for kids. The toy requires the use of AA batteries that you will need to check regularly.
LeapFrog LeapPad Ultra Kids Learning Tablet

Tablets for Kids

The best toy that helps children establish a good relationship with gadgets is LeapPad Ultra by LeapFrog Enterprises. This device deserved the title E-Connected Toy of the Year.

In essence, this toy is a tablet that even the youngest children can use. Considering how important it is to be tech-savvy in today’s society, the popularity of this toy is completely understandable.

The gadget is made of ABS plastic that is non-toxic and therefore, safe to play with. It’s equipped with a five inch display that offers 1024 by 600 resolution. Buttons are designed specifically to make it easy for children to press them.

Little tablet is made with kids in mind. This means that it is equipped with many features that protect it. Being dropped is something these gadgets really cannot avoid. Thus, they are designed in a way that will minimize the risk of the item breaking completely. There are two cameras, one in the front and one in the back of the device.

LeapPad even has a stylus that is tethered to the gadget to make sure the child won’t lose it. It’s stored in a special stowaway compartment.

The gadget has some applications installed that make it easier for little ones to use it. They can have some great time with camera apps that allow adding various frames, hats and other silly but fun details to pictures.
Goldie Blox and The Spinning Machine

Studying with Goldie

The title Educational Toy of the Year belongs to GoldieBox and the Spinning Machine by GoldieBox Inc. This toy was designed by a female engineer Debbie Sterling.

Debbie graduated from Stanford University and used the skill acquired there to promote her profession among the youngsters. GoldieBox is a set of tools that allow kids to be little inventors.

This toy helps develop children’s spatial skills and inspire them to solve different problems. It explains basic engineering principles and teaches youngsters some practical applications of this new knowledge.
Spin Master Games - Boom Boom Balloon

Fun and Games

Boom Boom Balloon by Spin Master Ltd. won the title Game of the Year.

The point of this game is keeping a balloon from popping. It may seem like a simple task, but doing this will definitely be great fun for all involved.

Minimal number of players is two. The game doesn’t need batteries and is considered appropriate for children over eight years of age.
Playskool Sesame Street Big Hugs Elmo

Hugs for Toddlers

Infant/Toddler Toy of the Year title went to Big Hugs Elmo by Playskool.

It may be designed for the youngest children, but there can be no doubt that every age group will have plenty of kids who enjoy this unbelievably cute toy.

This huge cuddly toy offers several play options that infants and toddlers will enjoy. It can also be used to help babies fall asleep.
Zoomer Interactive Puppy

Puppy in Your House

Thanks to the efforts of Spin Master Ltd, Children today can have a puppy even if they are allergic or don’t have an opportunity to get a dog in their house.

Zoomer is an interactive robotic pet that won the title of the best Interactive Toy of the Year.

Zoomer is programmed to perform many tricks, so children will be able to have fun with it for a while.
Razor Crazy Cart

For Playing Outdoors

Outdoor Toy of the Year title went to Razor Crazy Cart by Razor USA LLC.

This toy is an electric go-cart that will instantly become a favorite of any child.

It’s equipped with all the necessary safety measures to prevent children from injuring themselves.
Doc McStuffins Get Better Check-Up Center

Preschooler Toys

The Best Preschool Toy of the Year is Doc McStuffins Get Better Check-Up Center Created by Just Play.

This is a variation of the all-time-favorite doctor toy set and designed mainly for girls.

Using it your child can learn how to diagnose some ailments and active imagination that youngsters possess will allow them to feel like real healers.

Property for Everyone

Minecraft is such a popular game, it’s no wonder it’s won the title Property of the Year.

The game is based on building or destroying three dimensional construction blocks to build some fantastic structures. Your child’s imagination is the only limit in Minecraft.

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